If only we lived in a world where we could decide what we wanted to pay for things. Well, at get what you pay for photography, you can!!

We take the photographs and give you a DVD of all of your edited, high resolution images. The photos are yours to keep, print, share with your friends and family, whatever you want. Then, you decide what you want to pay based on what you think of the work we did. No one ever walks away feeling bad, and the happy karma meter of the world goes up. It really is that simple.

We have heard from some clients that choosing their own price was a challenging experience. We get it, we do. So, will we help you out and just send you a bill? Nope. We understand that the decision process can be difficult but it is extremely important to us that your choices are guided by your circumstances and your satisfaction for the end product we give you.

To help you out, we did a little pricing survey of Edmonton photographers. It was a very official type study using some tool called Google. Not sure, but we think it is German. What we found is that you can hire pretty much anyone these days to take your pictures and what you pay for them ranges widely. However, when comparing what we offer – a 2 hour family photo shoot with a DVD of edited, high resolution images that you are free to print however you wish – we found a range between $150 to $4500 with a general average of $500. Make the same comparison for full day wedding coverage and the average is $2500.

So, what does that mean? It means the same as it did before we told you. In the end, you still decide what price feels right for you and our only goal is to take great photos and make sure you are happy and feel you got what you paid for!

We only have one rule. Because we want everyone to decide what to pay based on their own experiences, circumstance and opinions, we ask that you keep what you paid a secret. That's right, not a peep to your peeps. Think of it a little like Fight Club.

But remember…paying in ketchup packages or re-gifted candles is bad karma. Bad, bad karma! :)